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This is our Nursery, Doggie Condo and Kennels

All of our puppies are DM clear and DM free
A $500.00 Deposit is required to Hold your Puppy
SELLER WARRANTS the Puppy from a fatal or life altering genetic disorder, up to two (2) years of age..   
Tails docked, dew claws ( done by a Veterinarian) and first shots will be given.
Each Puppy will have a "Puppy Kit" Plus each puppy will have a stuffed animal toy and a packet of puppy food.
Breeders Certificate and a full pedigree. 
Plus a 30 day supply of NuVet Vitamin Supplement

Our adult corgi’s have all been tested for
DM (DEGENERATIVE MYELOPATHY) and our puppies are
NOT AT RISK . If you are not aware of this
devastating disease please take a few minutes to google information on it. 

About Degenerative Myelopathy

Morgy has Degenerative Myelopathy (DM)   This is her story:

Part 1 

Part 2

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NuVet Plus Vitamin Supplements

DM Clear Breeding Male

He is a beautiful dog with a wonderful, charming, happy, loving, energetic disposition. He is available to stand to the public for 2017
Sires beautiful Puppies
Stud Service Contract 

This Bud's For Me In Nevada - aka "Buddy"
 Born:  11/08/2014 Red Head Tri with Black Cap
AKC #DN41309207 Pembroke Welsh Corgi Male
Tested DM Clear and vWD clear by parentage
DNA #V787454

Sire:  Mr Gator - AKC #DN36140803  
Tri Color Pembroke Welsh Corgi 
Red Head Tri  Male 
DM and vWD Clear

  Dam:   Whitewolfs Willow - AKC #DN34035501 
   Pembroke Welsh Corgi Red and White Female 
DM and vWD Clear

Breeding Male



 "Forestframe" Gamblen For Chex To Cash (aka - "Gambler") Red head tri w/black cap Pembroke Welsh Corgi Male.   Born 9/27/2015 - AKC #DN44073002 - DNA #V790284 
Tested * 
Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) Clear, *  Von Willebrand's Disease Type 1 (vWD1)  clear, *  Dominant PRA Clear *  Exercise Induced Collapse (EIC) Clear  *  Coat Length/Fluffy Locus (Length) Clear *  Hyperuricosuria (HU) Clear *  Hereditary Cataracts (HC) Clear

Sire: Redrose's Colby Jack DM Clear  
International & UKC Champion Title

Dam: Forestframe Aston Martin DM Clear
National & International Champion Title
And Best In Show Title 
By:  Sire: CH Milkeywey's Sosa Easy
Dam: Forestframe "Rose" from C-Berry's


"CBS" Pink Champagne For "Lady Godiva" (aka - "Lady"
3/27/15 AKC Sable Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Tested DM Clear  AKC # DN42798003
vWD clear by parentage

Sire:  T.O. CBS Amburg's Bashful Bonjovi Boy
DM Clear  Sable - AKC #DN28497702
DNA #V752634

Dam:  CBS Bonjovi's Summer Time Girl
n/DM Carrier  Red Head Tri - AKC #DN33007401

 Bred to:
"Forestframe" Gamblen For Chex To Cash (aka - "Gambler")
For December 2017 Puppies


"CBS" "Tammy" The Texas Cowgirl - (aka - "Tammy")
 AKC #DN42965509
AKC Black Head Tri female
Born May 28, 2015 
 n/DM - Free From DM (N/N Degenerative Myelopathy)

Sire: SB Tri Barkley Baby
AKC #DN26191807

Dam:  CBS Two Steppin Gracie Mae
AKC #DN37031503
DM Clear (N/N Degenerative Myelopathy)


  Puppies by:  "Forestframe" Gambling For Chex To Cash 
(aka - "Gambler")
8 Puppies Born (2 girls & 6 boys):  September 8, 2017 
All of the Puppies are Sold

Puppy Sales Contract

"Dolly The Red Bomb Shell Of Nevada"  aka - "Dolly"
AKC #DN41478901 Pembroke Welsh Corgi
   Red and White Female Born 10/31/14
AKC, UKC and International  Champion Pedigree
Tested At Risk and v/WD clear by parentage

Sire: Welbea Vicor AKC #DN08917404 - Tested n/DM
Free From DM (Degenerative Myelopathy)
Dam: Welbea Bettie AKC #DN35754501 -  Tested n/DM
Free From DM (Degenerative Myelopathy)

 Bred To:   "Forestframe" Gamblen For Chex To Cash 
(aka - "Gambler")  #DN44073002
(Tested DM Clear and vWD clear by parentage)

For January 9th 2018 Puppies 

All of the Puppies are Free from DM

Puppy Sales Contract


 RR-N-FF-Rosie The Hi Class Call Girl  (aka - Rosie)
Black Head Tri Female #DN41958505

 RR-N-FF-Rosie The Hi Class Call Girl  (aka - Rosie)
Black Head Tri Female #DN41958505
Tested DM Clear &
vWD clear by parentage
Born 02/03/2015
AKC Champion Pedigree

Sire:  Buckeye Forestframed -N-Redroses "Rolls Royce"
National Champion 
Tested:  DM Clear, PRA Clear, HU Clear, 
vWD Clear, EIC Carrier, Fluff Carrier
Dam:  Forestframe "Rose" From C-Berrys #DN35641701
DM Clear - Champion pedigree

 Bred to:
This Bud's For Me In Nevada - aka "Buddy"
 Born:  11/08/2014 Red Head Tri with Black Cap
AKC #DN41309207
Pembroke Welsh Corgi Male
Tested DM Clear and vWD clear by parentage
DNA #V787454

For December 2017 Puppies

Puppy Contract 

Regal's Idaho Charmer De Fer (aka - "Dee Dee")

Regal's Idaho Charmer De Fer (aka - "Dee Dee")
Red and White Female Born:  8/07/15
Tested DM Clear - AKC #DN43467702

Sire: Charms Regal Walker Boy DM Clear
 Sire's Sire is Int'l CH Pyne-Wood Lucky Charm

Dam: Rocky L Chemin De Fer n/DM Free
Dam's Sire is CH Tams Monte Carlo


Scheduled to be bred to: 
 "Forestframe" Gambling For Chex To Cash (aka - "Gambler")
Around Dec. for Feb. 2018 Puppies 

Puppy Sales Contract





"Willow's" Magic Country Girl -( aka - "Magic")
Red Head Tri Pembroke Welsh Corgi female

 Tested DM Clear and  vWD clear by parentage

Sire:  Mr Gator - AKC #DN36140803  
Red Head Tri  Pembroke Welsh Corgi 
DM Clear

  Dam:   Whitewolfs Willow - AKC #DN34035501 
   Red and White Pembroke Welsh Corgi  
 DM Clear 

Scheduled to be bred to: 

 "Forestframe" Gambling For Chex To Cash
  (aka - "Gambler") 
In Feb 2018 for April 2018 Puppies 


Puppy Sales Contract



Congratulations to:  James Molinari of:  Davis, CA



Lilly's Wind Charmer Of Nevada (aka Lilly)
DN37887604  Born 11/01/2013
Red Head
Tri Color Pembroke Welsh Corgi Female

Retired - She is Spay
Sire: The Utah Bandit  (aka - "Bandit") AKC  #DN25442205
Dam:  Miss Topaz Wind Charm (aka - Missy)
AKC # DN34036203
  AKC Champion Pedigree

We  re-homed Lilly. She is a very healthy 2 1/2 year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Red Head Tri.
She is very sweet and loving with people.
She is House broke and Crate broke. She loves to ride in 
the car and well behaved at the Groomers and Vet visits.
We love her and found her a wonderful FOREVER HOME.
She's had one healthy litter of 5 puppies. 
She is current with her vaccinations including Rabies vac  



RR-N-FF-Annie Oakley Of Nevada" aka - Annie"
AKC #DN42173602
Annie has been re-homed


Annie is on the right



RR-N-FF-Annie Oakley Of Nevada" aka - Annie"
AKC #DN42173602
Red Head w/black cap Tri Female  Born 02/10/2015
Tested n/DM Carrier  and  vWD clear by parentage
Free From DM (Degenerative Myelopathy)

National and AKC Champion Pedigree

Sire:  Buckeye Forestframed -N-Redroses "Rolls Royce"
National Champion    (DM Clear)

Dam:  Redrose-N-FF "A-Breath-Of-Fresh-Air" DN34021002 - 
Multiple National, International, UKC and AKC Champion pedigree

Puppies by:
 "Forestframe" Gambling For Chex To Cash (aka - "Gambler")
Red Head with Black CapTri Pembroke Welsh Corgi Male
DM Clear and vWD clear by parentage - AKC #DN44073002

Puppies are by: "Gambler"  6 born May 6  2017 
4 girls and 2 boys.
All the Puppies have been Sold

Puppies will be tested
And v/WD Clear by parentage


We found a home for Bandit

The Utah Bandit  (aka - "Bandit") AKC  #DN25442205
Born:  August 1, 2009

Black Head
Tri Color Pembroke Welsh Corgi Male

Neutered Now Retired

Sire:  Bocephus Tanker
Dam:  Miss Annie Mika



Dutchess Maggie Of Nevada

Dutchess Maggie Of Nevada (aka Maggie) 6 years old 
AKC #DN21124501  She is id dNA and free from DM.
Tri Color Pembroke Welsh Corgi Female
Red Head
We retired Maggie from having any more puppies.
We found a wonderful home for Maggie.
Thank you all for your interest.

Sire:  Prince Sausarooni Specklebelly
Dam:  Princess Biscorgis Gravinski

Miss Topaz Wind CharmMissy has been re-homed

 Miss Topaz Wind Charm (aka - Missy)
AKC # DN34036203
Tri Color Pembroke Welsh Corgi Female
 Red Head 
AKC Champion Pedigree

Sire:  Topaz Brother Cadfael
Dam:  Leonhaus Victoria

Puppies by:  "This Bud's For Me In Nevada" - aka "Buddy"
Born: April 23, 2017 
3 boys and 3 girls - all sold

Tested DM Clear and vWD clear by parentage
All Puppies Will Be:  n/DM 
Free From DM (Degenerative Myelopathy)

vWD clear by parentage

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Yes, we do accept credit cards and e-checks through PayPal. This is a safe, easy, and fast method of payment.

- Start:   Send Money”.
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- We require 3.5% U.S. and 4.34% for non U.S. of the amount sent to cover fees charged by PayPal.  Thanks!

Pembroke Welsh Corgis are a herding breed.  They are short and athletic.  This comes in handy when 
they are herding livestock as they can duck out of the way of flying hooves.  It is also a benefit when 
they are lucky enough to be a treasured family member as they fit in smaller places.  In fact, a 
favorite sleeping site is under their master's bed.

Pembrokes, or Pemmies, have a docked tail and are seen in three color variations: the most 
common, red and white, as well as the black/red/white tri color and the sable (similar in color 
and marking to a German Shepard).  They have a double coat which they shed twice a year or
 "blow" their coat in the spring and late summer.  They require little grooming in between sheds. 

Our Corgis are busy dogs.  They have 1 acre on which they can run and play, and boy, do they. 
 Their favorite game involves taking off in a team to run full tilt down the hill,  arguing about who
 is to be the leader.  They are very playful and some will chase a ball until they drop from exhaustion.

When raised around children they love nothing better than to accompany their kids on adventures. 
 They are easy to train and eager to please.  That doesn't mean they will always do as they are told
 as stubbornness is a characteristic of the breed.  When a treat is offered as reward they will do just 
about anything.

The biggest problems with the breed are obesity (owner related) and barking inappropriately
 (I bark when I am bored too).  They are very bright and can get themselves into trouble when 
they are bored.  They aren't nearly as busy as Border Collies, though, and are much more willing
 to lay at your feet just to keep you company.  Hence their tendency to become obese.  They 
LOOOOOVE to eat and never seem to be satisfied.  Since they have a  dense coat and short
 legs it is easy to allow them to get too fat without realizing it. 

As breeders we are committed to maintaining the breed standard and breeding for the best pets
 possible.  We are not into the show scene although we love watching AKC shows to keep up 
with the trends in conformation. 

Our utmost priority is producing wonderful pets as we believe the Corgi can be the ideal family 
dog.  Their medium to small size makes them an easy addition to any living situation.  
We are breeding for exceptional temperaments and good, sound bodies. 

We are unaware of any genetic problems in our line.  There are 8 of our Corgis in our extended
 families and all are exceptionally healthy.  In our 7 year history with our lines we have not heard
 of any major health or temperament issues. 

 Of course an ill treated or spoiled Corgi of any breeding can be a menace but when raised in a
 loving home with appropriate obedience training these dogs are a delight. 

 Corgis have to be strong willed to handle herding cattle  so anyone living with a Corgi must be
 a strong pack leader.  If not, your Corgi will take over and can be unforgiving of misbehavior. 
This can lead to "behavior problems" from a human perspective.  From the dogs' perspective,
 they are acting completely appropriately to their situation.  We STRONGLY encourage and
 support new Corgi owners to take their dogs through several sessions of Obedience training
 with an experienced trainer emphasizing positive reinforcement.


Owner: Roy and Lorena Bechtholdt

3147 Dallas Dr
Fallon, NV 89406
775 423-7159

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