Ciaras Silver Penny

2006 Grullo Mare

Annas Silver Sage x Kings Stormy Sue

5 Panel: Negative
n/n-HYPP, n/n-Herda, n/n-Gbed, n/n-PSSM1, n/n-MH    

Tested Ee aa Dd crcr

The allele for black color
(E) is dominant over the red allele (e), so a horse only needs one copy of the black allele to appear black-based.
aa - the agouti gene suppresses the action of the extension locus that produces black pigment (eumelanin) into point coloration on the mane, tail, lower legs and tips of the ears, thus allowing the underlying red pigment, pheomelanin, to appear on the body.

crcr - No cream gene.

Dd-Heterozygous Horse tested Heterozygous for Dun and will pass the Dun gene on to its offspring 50%


 Filly by:  Smoke N Midnite Hawk

Smokeys Silver Penny
5/20/19 Grullo filly
$2500.00 - Sold -
Congratulations to: 
Pam Shield of Grants Pass OR

Smokeys Silver Penny
5/20/19 Grullo filly




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