Corgi Nursery, Condo And Kennels

We breed to have Tri Color Puppies.  Black/Tan and White Markings.  Some are red heads and some are black heads. 
 And Red and White with some Sable color puppies.   The Puppies do not leave here until they are 8 weeks old.
  We raise all of our puppies in our home.  Our spare bedroom is a Corgi Nursery that is divided in half with 1 Whelping 
boxes that measure 4' X 8' on each side with heat lamps and a ceiling fan.  Also when the puppies become 4 weeks of
 age we transfer them to the "Doggie Condo" out side.  It measures 8' X 8' (divided down the middle, making it 4' X 8' 
for each family.  Plus it is 8' tall that is completely insulated on all sides, ceiling fan, air conditioner and heat. 
 Also doggie doors to an outside run.

All of our dogs have an acre to run on with dog proof fencing that has 32 shade trees plus our back yard is very roomy with 
2 shade trees with 3 kennels that have log cabin type dog houses.  
Our back door and front door has a doggie door so the dogs can come into the house.
Our front yard is very shady that is divided in half with chain link fencing and a gate.  That also has two log cabin type dog
houses on each side.
Also we have kennels that will house 6 dogs.  The inside suite is 6' X 6' has air conditioning and heat with 12' runs. 
The middle is my work area that is 8' X 12' .  It has a deep sink with hot and cold running water, we added a treadmill,
small refrigerator for vaccines, table, cupboards, and a hot water heater. 

Owner: Roy and Lorena Bechtholdt                        

3147 Dallas Dr                           
Fallon, NV 89406                           
775 423-7159                          




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