Mares We Are Proud To Own

For those of you that want your foal/horse tested for the LWO gene and the Black gene...................
The price for each test is $25.00 payable by the "Buyer" The 5 Panel test is $95.00


Watch The Royal M
2015 AQHA Black Mare

For Sale  $6,000. SOLD

Sire:  HL Chiparhett

Dam:  Watch The MJ Girl                                                                                                      

Bloodlines of:  Two Eyed Red Buck, Two ID Bartender,                      
Two Eyed Jack (3 times)  Bar Four Colonel, Colonel Freckels  



Shiny Black Hot Rod
2013 AQHA Black mare



Sire:  Colonels Hot Java
Dam:   Eyes For KI 

Bloodlines of:  Forever Colonel, Colonel Freckles, Doc O Lena  
Doc's Hotrodder, Poco Tivio, Leo's Otoe, McLeo Bars,
KI Two Eyed, Two Eyed Red Buck, Two Eyed Jack


Peptos Easter Lily
2015 AQHA Black Mare

  Sold  $7500.00                                               

Sire:  Hickorys Good Time Pep X Peeka Pep
Dam:  Boons Red Neck Girl X Boonsmal San Lena              

Bloodlines of:  Peptoboonsmal (2 X's), Smart Little Lena (2 X's)   
Peppy San Badger (2 X's) Doc O Lena (2 X's) Mr San Peppy, 
Doc Tari, Royal Blue Boon, Docs Oak, Docs Hickory.......................
And the List goes on and on



Watch Clipper Girl
2014 AQHA Dun Mare

Sire:  HL Chiparhett

Dam: Watch The MJ Girl                                                 

Bloodlines of:  Two Eyed Red Buck, Two ID Bartender,          
Two Eyed Jack (3 times)  Bar Four Colonel, Colonel Freckels




A Peppy Spark O Lena 
2010 AQHA #5,415,469 Sorrel Mare

Not For Sale At this Time

Sire:  Blue Spark Olena X Shining Spark          
Bonny Peppy San Leo

Bloodlines of:  Smart Little Lena,
Peppi Dox, Peppy San, Smart Peppy, Doc O Lena,
Double Peppi Leo, Buzz Bar, Son O Sugar, etc, etc





Ciaras Silver Penny
AQHA 2006 Grullo mare

Sire:  Annas Silver Sage                            

Dam:  Kings Stormy Sue 

Bloodlines of:  Jaz Poco Goldun Blue, Little Steel Dust,       

Poco Bueno, Sugs Anne Lee, Docs Sug, Doc Bar,
Hollywood At Dawn, Bar Money, King and etc,etc

Reminics Dew Shine
2013 AQHA Black Mare       


Sire:  Shiners Dew
Dam:  Primo Peppys Kit                                                    

Bloodlines of:  Shining Spark, Dr Shining Spark, Peppy San,

 Doc's Remedy, Reminic, Grays Starlite, Docs Snug, Diamond Sparkle, Otoe, 
Genuine Doc and etc




Two Eyed Red Empress
2010 AQHA Dun mare

Not For Sale At This Time

Sire:  KI Two Eyed
Dam:  Empire Beanie

Bloodlines of:  Two Eyed Red Buck, Mr Baron Red,        
Red Baron Bell, Two Eyed Patti,
Harlan's Tyree, Watch Joe Jack, 
Two Eyed Jack, Mr Baron Red




Dun Taken Chances 
1999 AQHA Black mare


Sire:   Cals Special Edition
Chances Rimmy

Bloodlines of: 
Cal Bar X Doc Bar, Miracle Moon
Top Moon X Moon Deck, etc, etc




Dun It Whistling - Sold
'04 AQHA Buckskin Mare

Congratulations to:  Donna Otteson of Tonopah, NV      

Sire:  Sparks Well Dun by:  Shining Spark
Dam:  Shining Whistler
Bloodlines of:  Genuine Doc. Diamonds Sparkle,
Hollywood Dun It, Watch Tyree, Watch Joe Jack


Pepto Kitty
'03 APHA Black Mare

Congratulations To:  Cassie Hare Of:  Coyle, OK

Sire:  Santanas Cisco X Peptoboonsmal
Dam:  Ciscos Kitty Kat X Cisco Lena
Doc O Lena

Whizdoms Dark Angel
APHA 2003 Black mare

Congratulations to:  DeBora and Perry Knutson    
of:   Round Mountain Nevada       
 Sire:  Top Gun Whiz by:  Topsail Whiz X Topsail Cody            
Dam:  Moapa Brandy by:  Moapa War X Champagne Tuxedo        

Bloodlines of:  Dixie's War Drum, Yuccas King, Mr Gunsmoke,
Joe Cody, Bright Smoke

Legendary Destiny
'09 AQHA Black Mare

Congratulations to:  DeBora and Perry Knutson   
of:   Round Mountain Nevada      

Sire:  EG Olie Nita X Peponita
Dam:  Real Blue Moonlight X Real Men Wear Blue

Bloodlines of:  Peppy San, Poco Tivio, Doc O'Lena, King Fritz Two
King Fritz, Mr Bar Tab, Bonita Tivio



Ms Otoelena Smoke   
2011 APHA Black Overo Mare

Sire:  Smoke N Midnite Hawk 
Dam: Otoelenas Ebony Jewel

Bloodlines of:  Doc Otoes Dude X Doc O Dude X Doc O Lena
 Misfitted Tux X Dressed In Tuxs X Chief Eagle

Nitalena Moonlight  
2010 AQHA Blue Roan mare    


Sire:  EG Olie Nita X Peponita
Dam:  Real Blue Moonlight X Real Men Wear Blue

Bloodlines of:  Peppy San, Poco Tivio, Doc O'Lena, King Fritz Two
King Fritz, Mr Bar Tab, Bonita Tivio


Shadow Peppy
2003 AQHA Black Mare     


Sire:  Tuck N Pistol

   Dam:  AR Dusty

Bloodlines of:  
Little Peppy Pistol, Peppy San Badger, Dox Power Tucker,
 Doc Tom Tucker, Bueno 89'ER






My Black Robin
'02 APHA Black Mare        

Sire:  My Printed Robin X Panza's Top Robin
Dam:  SS Black Hawk X SS Master Bid



Lenas Maken Smoke    
5/5/03 Black Mare


Sire:  Golden Little Lena X Lenas Wright On
Smart Little Lena
Dam:  Ima Smokemaker X Smoke N Cotton


Otoelenas Ebony Jewel
'02 APHA Black Mare

Sire:  Doc Otoes Dude X Doc O Dude X Doc O Lena              
Dam: Misfitted Tux X Dressed In Tuxs X Chief Eagle     



Twice The Shine DR
'06 AQHA Black Mare -

 Sire: Shining Sparkler X Shining Spark         
Dam:  Little Spark Dr X Blue Spark Olena

Bloodlines of:  Zans Pretty Penny, Zan Parr Bar, Genuine Doc
Doc Bar, Diamonds Sparkle, and etc.


Heavens Spark W5
2017 AQHA Palomino mare


Sire:  Sparkin Playboy X Shining Spark                
Dam:  SNW Smart Skeet X IMA Bit Of Heaven

Bloodlines of:  Genuine Doc, Doamonds Sparkle, Doc's Hickory
Smart Little Lena, Doc's Sug, Freckles Playboy, Doc O Lena, etc






Leased Mare


Bronte Sabrus Simon
'10 APHA Black Mare

Not For Sale

  Sabrus Medicin Man
Dam:  De Te Siemon

Bloodlines of:  Flying Bright King, With Flying Colors
  Sabru Indio, Bright N Dandy






Boogie Checkers
2003 AQHA Black Mare


Sire:  Lynx Boogie X Docs Lynx         
Dam: by:  Lean With Me

  Bloodlines of:                                         
 Docs Lynx, Poco Tivio, King Command, Doc Bar, Poco Bueno
Lean With Me, Smart Little Lena, Doc O Lena, King Fritz,
Peppy San, Power Command, Dash For Cash 


KN Almost Gone Chex     
AQHA 2004 Black Mare

 Sire: A Little Blacklight X Black Little Lena                    
Smart Little Lena

Dam: Kelvin Shower Chex X Fame Chex
King Fritz




Freedoms Magic Sparkls 
APHA # 874,617 Bay Tobiano

Sire:  Freedom Winds Magic X DAS Chica Roniner       

Dam:  Freedom Winds Sparkls X Tommys Tinker Toy




Cream De Peppy   
2004 AQHA Perlino mare #4673342       


Sire:  Pages Goldmine X Page Steel

Dam: Peppys Yellow Gold X  Peppys Flyer

Bloodlines of:  Peppy San Badger, Mr San Peppy,         
Leo San, Page Boy's First, Leo's Page Boy




JR Stallion


For Sal




Owner: Roy and Lorena Bechtholdt
775 423-7159
Fallon, NV