Flying P Pembroke Welsh Corgis Presents:

"Forestframe" Gamblen For Chex To Cash (aka - "Gambler")
AKC Red Head Tri with Black cap Pembroke Welsh Corgi Male
Tested DM Clear, EIC and vWD1 clear 


"Dry Creeks" Foxy's-A-Burnin Love DN58352603
 Red and White Female
Tested DM Clear, EIC and vWD1 clear 

9 Puppies Born 1/11/2020 By:
"Forestframe" Gamblen For Chex To Cash (aka - "Gambler")

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 "Forestframe" Gambling For Chex To Cash (aka - "Gambler")
Tested *  Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) Clear, *  Von Willebrand's Disease Type 1 (vWD1)  clear, Dominant PRA Clear *  Exercise Induced Collapse (EIC) Clear  *  Coat Length/Fluffy Locus (Length) Clear *  Hyperuricosuria (HU) Clear *  Hereditary Cataracts (HC) Clear
Hips and Elbows are Certified - Tested Good

"Dry Creeks" Foxy's-A-Burnin Love
 Red and White Female


If you are a new pet owner or were unaware that many human foods can be fatally poisonous to your dog, it's important to know what your dog can't have to protect it.

 Make sure you know all the foods and household items that are poisonous to dogs and tell your guests not to feed your pets at all.

 The two biggest risks when having a dog is that your children will drop something or feed them something not knowing it's poisonous to your dog or that you won't know something will poison your dog and you feed it to them trying to be nice.

 Make sure you talk to your friends about these potential hazards. It's important to know in advance what you need to be extra careful with because most people are rushing to look things up online after their dog accidental beats them to a food that falls on the ground and often it can be too late for the poor animal.
There is a small risk of food poisoning when your dog is put on a raw egg diet that may contain Salmonella or E.coli   Cooked eggs are ok.

  Not good to feed your dog fatty food like bacon, ham, meat trimmings, etc.  It is quite harmful to their digestive systems.


Tails docked, dew claws  and several wormings plus first shots will be given.
Each Puppy will have a "Puppy Kit"
Plus each puppy will have a stuffed animal toy and a packet of puppy food.
Breeders Certificate and a full pedigree.

Plus a 30 day supply of NuVet Vitamin Supplement

9 Puppies Born 1/1/2020 By: 
 "Forestframe" Gamblen For Chex To Cash (aka - "Gambler")
AKC Red Head Tri with Black cap Pembroke Welsh Corgi Male
DN44073002 - DM, EIC &  vWD clear by parentage

Prices are $2,500.00 for Females or Males - for (w/Full Breeding Rights)
And $1,500.00 for Male or Female for Limited Papers (Pet)
A $500.00 non refundable deposit is required to hold your puppy.

Balance is due When the Puppy is ready to go Home with you at 8 weeks of age.

 For Those Of You That Want To Fly Your Puppy, The Balance Will Be Due 10 Days Before The Flight.

Puppy Sales Contract

SELLER WARRANTS the Puppy from any fatal or life altering genetic disorder  For The Life Of The Puppy..   
The Best Time To Pick Your Puppy 
Is 3-4 Weeks Of Age

Black Collar Girl (Red)  (SOLD)
Congradulations:  Janelle Woffinden  

Brown Collar Boy (Red)  (SOLD)
Congratulations:  Beverly Chambers  


Gray Collar Boy (Tri)   (SOLD)
Congratulations:  Jeff Edson

Green Collar Boy (Tri)  (SOLD)
Congratulations:  Lindsay Nelson  

Orange Collar Girl (Red) (SOLD)
Flying "P's" Gunsmoke Kitty

                          Lorena Bechtholdt                                  

Pink Collar Girl (Tri) (SOLD)
Congratulations:  Jay Bongcaron

Purple Collar Girl (Red)  (SOLD)
Congradulations: Dorothy Dorotheo                                   

Red Collar Girl (Tri)  (SOLD)
Congradulations:  Janelle Woffinden          

Yellow Collar Girl (Tri) SOLD
Congratulations:  Dustin Cassiday 


      Puppies are coming from a home with other pets with a lot of love and attention and will be well socialized.  Each one of these pups will make an amazing new family member. 
      We’ve grown to love our corgis and couldn’t imagine raising any other breed! If you have had Corgi’s before you know what I mean, if not,  rest assured that the decision to buy a corgi is one that will reward your family for years and years to come. They are as cute full grown as they are puppies. 
      Please call or email with any question or for additional photos.
      We take raising puppies very seriously.  We want the puppy you purchase from us to be the best puppy you can buy.   We believe that work spent on the young puppy pays off in the end and produces a dog with a sound mind and willing attitude.      Early experiences in molding a puppy's mind seem to have a profound effect on the  baby’s mental and emotional development.   

Acceptance Mark
  Yes, we do accept credit cards and e-checks through PayPal. This is a safe, easy, and fast method of payment.

- Start: click  “Send Money”.
- You will need my e-mail:
- We require 3.5% U.S. and 4.34% for Non-U.S. of the amount sent to cover fees charged by PayPal.  Thanks!


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