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Breeding Contract
 2022 Season

This certifies_(mare owners name)  _____________________________________________ has engaged one service to Smoke N Midnite Hawk 
reg. # 565,139 for the mare__________________________Reg. no.______________for the 2022 season at   $ 1,500.00  stud fee for live foal.  
This service is subject to the following:
1. Non refundable Booking Fee of $500 in advance of the above fee with this contract and $500.00 at time of Service plus $500.00 balance when foal is born,  plus all unpaid expenses will be payable upon receipt of invoice. 
or when mare is picked up, whichever is first.     Live foal guarantee, no color guarantee.
2. The mare shall be in a healthy and sound breeding condition.  Vet check for breeding sound required on all mares.
3.  Must be current with eastern, western encephalomeyelitis, rhino, tetanus, flu and west nile vaccines, and in some cases - Strangles vaccine.
4. Mares that are not halter broken will not be accepted.  Flying P Paints and QH's reserves the right to refuse any mare for breeding.
5. It is my understanding that Flying P Paints &  QH's  will not be responsible for accident, sickness or death to my mare and/or her colt. 
Flying P Paints &  QH's  will exercise judgment in the care and supervision for her.  It is also understood that I, likewise will not be responsible
 for any disease, accident or injury to the stallion Smoke N Midnite Hawk.
6. Flying P Paints &  QH's  agrees to diligently try to settle my mare.  If however, they do not settle her, I will hold Flying P Paints &  QH's  harmless.  
7. It is agreed that a live foal guarantee is from this mating.  Should the foal not stand up and suck we will give you a return privilege, the following  Breeding Season.  This guarantee will apply only if we are notified one week from death.  This notice must be accompanied by a statement from a  licensed veterinarian.
8. It is further agreed that should the above stallion die, or become unfit for service: or if mare dies, or becomes unfit to breed, then this contract shall become null and void.
9. When Flying P Paints & QH's  signs and returns a copy of this contract to me, it will be a binding contract on both parties, subject to the above terms and conditions.
10. The Booking Fee is non refundable.
11. All expenses must be paid before or when the mare is picked up. 
12. All board bills will be due the first of the month.
13. A breeders certificate will be issued when Flying P Paints &  QH's is notified that the foal has been delivered and the balance of the Breeding fee is paid in full.
14.  AQHA, APHA, TB Registered mares only will be accepted.  A current copy of the mare's registration papers must accompany the mare at 
time of service.
15.   For returned mares, there will be a $100. chute fee.  One return only.  Same mare or replacement mare ok.

Lorena Bechtholdt                        ____________________________
  Signature of Owner or Agent of Stallion                                      Signature of Mare Owner or Agent 
   Flying P Paints and QH Inc                            ____________________________ 
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Mare care:  $10.00 a day                                                              
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