Flying P Pembroke Welsh Corgis Presents:
Flying P's "Perfect" Angel Of Nevada 
AKC #DN58148701
5/25/2019 AKC Red & White Female
Tested DM, vWD1 & EIC Clear

She has been re-homed

"Forest frame" Gamblen For Chex To Cash (aka - "Gambler")

Flying P's "Perfect" Angel Of Nevada 

Tested DM, vWD1 & EIC Clear


If you are a new pet owner or were unaware that many human foods can be fatally poisonous to your dog, it's important to know what your dog can't have to protect it.

 Make sure you know all the foods and household items that are poisonous to dogs and tell your guests not to feed your pets at all.

 The two biggest risks when having a dog is that your children will drop something or feed them something not knowing it's poisonous to your dog or that you won't know something will poison your dog and you feed it to them trying to be nice.

 Make sure you talk to your friends about these potential hazards. It's important to know in advance what you need to be extra careful with because most people are rushing to look things up online after their dog accidental beats them to a food that falls on the ground and often it can be too late for the poor animal.
  There is a small risk of food poisoning when your dog is put on a raw egg diet that may contain Salmonella or E.coli   Cooked eggs are ok.

  Not good to feed your dog fatty food like bacon, ham, meat trimmings, etc.  It is quite harmful to their digestive systems.










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Fallon, NV

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