Pembroke Welsh Corgis 








Cost of shipping is $375.00  plus the price of the Puppy and this includes airfare, pet carrier crate, vet health certificate, Mileage, and insurance. 

Some times airlines have an Embargo during the hottest time (no pets will be flown at 85 degrees or hotter) and the coldest time of the year. (no pets will be flown at 45 degrees unless Vet approves for 20 degrees)

Pets are flown as Priority and the compartment is pressurized and temperature controlled.

Any additional cost would be up to the buyer (Lay Overs that requires a Over Night Pet Nanny, $155.00 extra. 

We ship out of Reno Nevada International Airport (65 miles from Fallon, NV)

We fly with Alaskan Airlines, American Airlines, United Airlines and Delta Airlines.  Which ever is a more straight flight pattern to your destination..

It is a good idea to check with the airlines to make sure we can ship to your airport or closest Near by Airport.

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