2019 Foals

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Video Of Some of Smoke N Midnite Hawk's Progeny

These foals will be on the market as soon as they are born.
We will register them, halter break, worm, vaccinate with 3-way and west nile (1st shots) and 
have their feet  trimmed (If They Need It).
Coggins, Health Certificate and Brand Inspection is the responsibility of the "Buyer"

     A non-refundable $500.00 deposit is required to hold your foal.  If you can't find what you want your deposit will not expire
     PRICED AT $4,000.00 (Minimum White) and $5,000.00 FOR (LOUD OVERO's)  and

                                                       First come first served bases. Only a $500.00 deposit will hold them!!
                                                 Pictures will be taken at birth and/or shortly after and then once a month. 

For those of you that want your foal/horse tested for the LWO gene
 and the Black gene ...................or other tests
The price for each test is $25.00 payable by the "Buyer" The 5 Panel test is $95.00

Lenas Smoken Journey
APHA #1,091,950
       5/02/19 Loud Black Overo Colt  
       For Sale $6,000.00
Congratulations to: Nick Bravata                
Of:  Needles, CA

          5 Panel Test N/N
    Tested:  n/SW1, n/n SW2, n/n SW3,  Ee, GBED - N/N ,  LWO - n/O ,
            Herda - N/N, HYPP - N/N, MH - N/N, PSSM1 - N/N

Sire:  Smoke N Midnite Hawk

Dam: Otoelenas Ebony Jewel by:  Doc Otoes Dude X
 Doc O Dude X Doc O Lena  
Bloodlines of:  Jewel's Leo Bars,  Dressed In Tuxs , Chief Eagle,
Q Ton Eagle, Tinky Poo


Smart Smoken Chex
4/28/19 APHA  Black  Filly
4 socks and two blue eyes            
                           For Sale $2,750.00     
Congratulations:  Jessica Fisher Allen. 
Of: Mountain Home, Idaho


   Sire:  Smoke N Midnite Hawk

Dam:  Boogie Checkers X Lynx Boogie

Bloodlines of:

Docs Lynx, Poco Tivio, King Command, Doc Bar, Poco Bueno,
Lean With Me, Smart Little Lena, Doc O Lena, King Fritz, 
Peppy San, Power Command, Dash For Cash
(To Name A Few)


Smokeys Silver Penny  #1092419
5/20/19 APHA Grullo filly
For Sale $2500.00 -  Congratulations to: 
Pam Shield of Grants Pass OR

Sire:  Smoke N Midnite Hawk                                
Dam:  Ciaras Silver Penny                                           

Bloodlines of:  Jaz Poco Goldun Blue, Little Steel Dust,
Poco Bueno, Sugs Anne Lee, Docs Sug, Doc Bar,
Hollywood At Dawn, Bar Money, King and etc,etc



Peppy San Is Smoken #1,091,849
4/29/19 APHA Minimum White Buckskin Overo colt
Both eyes blue

Congratulations Salvador  Conchas 
Of:  Moundhouse, NV

Sire:  Smoke N Midnite Hawk

Dam:      Cream De Peppy X Pages Goldmine,
Mr San Peppy, Peppy San Badger, Jay Doc, Leo San



I'm Not Dun Smoken
4/30/19 APHA Minimum White Dun Overo Colt   
Left eye blue APHA #1,091,879
Congratulations:  Craig and Denis
Of:  Reno, NV

Sire:  Smoke N Midnite Hawk

Dam:  Two Eyed Red Empress X KI Two Eyed
Bloodlines of:  Two Eyed Jack, Ima Tyree
Two Eyed Red Buck, Watch Joe Jack 
(To Name A Few)


 Black Drifting Smoke
5/02/19  APHA Minimum White Black Overo colt 
$4,000.00 APHA #1,091,878

Congratulations to:   Aimee Nunex
Of:  Oakdale, CA

Sire:  Smoke N Midnite Hawk
Dam:  Bronte Sabrus Simon x Sabrus Medicin Man 
6 Halter pts, 1 Grand Champion, 1 Reserve Grand, 30 Performance pts in:
Hunter Under Saddle, Barrel Racing, Poll Bending, Reining, Trail and Western Riding

Bloodlines of: 

 With Flying Colors, Sabru Indio,
Tater Siemon, Siemon Joe, Double Drift
(To Name A Few)










           Smoke N Shining Spark
4/13/19 APHA Loud Black Overo Colt
$5,000.00 - APHA #1,091,951
Congratulations to:   Daniel  Walterscheid         

Of:  Grand Junction, CO


Homozygous for the Black gene EE by Parentage

Sire:  Smoke N Midnite Hawk
Dam:  Reminics Dew Shine X Shiners Dew

Bloodlines Of: 

Shining Spark, Dr Shining Spark, Peppy San, Doc's Remedy,
 Reminic, Grays Starlite, Docs Snug, Diamond Sparkle, Otoe, 
Genuine Doc (To Name A Few)




Smoken Black Lil Lena  APHA #1,091,850
5/14/19 APHA Black Colt
For Sale:  $2,500.00

Congratulations to Andrew Fales
Of:  Willits, California


Homozygous for the Black gene EE by Parentage

Sire:  Smoke N Midnite Hawk

KN Almost Gone Chex X A Little Blacklight X 
Black Little Lena X Smart Little Lena
Bloodlines of:    Kelvin Shower Chex X Fame Chex X
King Fritz



Ms Smoken Hot Colonel  
APHA #1,091,848

3/13/19 APHA Minimum White Black Overo Filly
$4,000.00 -  
Congraulations to:  Marcus Ford 
of Blooming Grove,  Texas

Homozygous for the Black gene EE by Parentage

Sire:  Smoke N Midnite Hawk

Dam:   Shining Black Hot Rod X Colonels Hot Java         

Bloodlines of:  Forever Colonel, Colonel Freckles, Doc O Lena
Doc's Hotrodder, Poco Tivio, Leo's Otoe, McLeo Bars,
KI Two Eyed, Two Eyed Red Buck, Two Eyed Jack
(To Name A Few)



Yes, we do accept credit cards and e-checks through PayPal. This is a safe,
easy, and fast method of payment.

Start:   www.paypal.com click on "Send Money".
 You will need my e-mail:   flyingp@cccomm.net
 We require 3.5% U.S. and 4.34% for Non-U.S. of the amount sent to cover
fees charged by PayPal.  Thanks!

                                                  THESE MARES ARE BRED TO

                                           EACH MARE AND FOAL HAS THEIR OWN PRIVATE STALL AND CORRAL
       We have corral panels with rubber belting that measures 3.5' from bottom to top and on top of that is another
  3' of heavy wire hog panels.  
They can see each other but can't get at each other.  Plus the babies can't get under the fence.  And if they 
fuss at each other they won't get hurt.
 Our pens are cleaned daily and the foals and mares are handled daily.  We blanket the foals right away after 
birth after they are dried with towels.  
Navel is doctored, a colostrum paste is given to the foal and then an enema.  The mares udder is washed and 
she is milked out a small amount of
 colostrum which is tested to see the level and quality.  If the colostrum tests low then we give the foal 150 ml
of Equine lgG for failure of passive transfer 
in Neonatal foals, immediately and then another 150 ml 1-2 hours later.

We take raising foals very seriously.  We want the foal you purchase from us to be the best foal you can buy. 
  We believe that work spent on the young
horses pays off in the end and produces a horse with a sound mind and willing attitude.      Early experiences
 in molding a foal's mind seem to
have a profound effect on the baby's mental and emotional development.  For this reason, we imprint our
 foals as soon after birth as possible and
continue their training until they go to their new home.    And Early foal nutrition, from birth to 3 months, 
is the time when nutrient demands for
growth are the highest.

Our foals are started on grain immediately
 (they start nibbling on the grain and hay when they are just a couple of  weeks old) 
The grain we feed to mother and baby is made by "Nutrena" SafeChoice - Mare and Foal. 
 Our hay is Alfalfa mix and we supply a 125 lbs Vitamin Mineral Supplement tub free choice made by Vaquero. 
 And they are wormed with Ivermectrin when they are 6 to 8 weeks old and wormed again 6 to 8 weeks later..




JR Stallion


For Sal




Owner: Roy and Lorena Bechtholdt
775 423-7159
Fallon, NV